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Snake Bytes 03/28: Worse than waiting for X-mas

Katy Perry makes an appearance in team news?

Baseball: World Baseball Classic Exhibion Game-Mexico at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks’ News

[Venom Strikes] Shelby Miller is ready for the season - We as fans sure hope so. The narrative all spring has been about his positive attitude. The rubber meets the road beginning next week, and Miller is gifted with a second chance that Richie Sexon was not. Will his 2017 season make us forget about “The Trade”?

[] Start of the season to dictate deadline approach - Apparently, the team has enough minor league pieces to move before the deadline to improve should we be in contention. The (rhetorical) question is should they? Further reducing an already thin farm system may not be the best choice for sustained future success.

[ESPN] Power Rankings: Arizona begins at #22 - Still wondering why the question above was rhetorical? Take a look at August on the projection chart. “ZiPS doesn't project Arizona to be the favorite in a single August game, which could expose a thin roster leaning heavily on a few stars.” Ouch. Something tells me Mike Hazen is wise enough to look past the mirage created by a strong start.

[Nick Piecoro, Twitter] Arizona interested in re-signing Gregor Blanco

[Fox Sports] Nick Ahmed not on the market - Rumor has it Nick is considering Katy Perry’s “Hot n Cold” as his 2017 walkup music. All jokes aside, it is probably wise for the team to hang on to the Gold Glove caliber shortstop. It must be difficult to remain focused with rumors swirling.


[CBS] MLB not likely to place a team in Las Vegas anytime soon - The NFL just approved the Oakland Raiders move to the Sin City. Can baseball succeed in Las Vegas? Would it be wise to have a team there?

[] MLB players discuss their best and worst fan heckles - I’m not much of a heckler myself. I’m too involved in the action on the field. However, a friend of mine from Colorado, naturally a Rockies’ fan, is quite good at it. Carlos Gonzalez will not hesitate to let a heckler know that he makes more money than his admiring fan.