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Snake Pit Fantasy Gauntlet - The Preview

Preview of the Coming Snake Pit Fantasy Baseball Season

Jake Lamb. Third Base. Power Bat. Fantasy Stud?
Jake Lamb. Third Base. Power Bat. Fantasy Stud?
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hi fellow Snake Pitters!

My name is Tanner, or Hazzard21 here on the site. I've been on SB Nation since October of 2011 with Revenge of the Birds, and I've just recently passed my 5th Anniversary here at the Snake Pit on March 20th, and I've been watching the Diamondbacks basically as long as they've been around. I've decided to write up regular reviews of the 3 Fantasy Baseball league happenings, so all the members of the different leagues, as well as the non-fantasy-playing-types, can keep up with and take a look at the competition.

This may be weekly, every other week, or monthly, I haven't really finalized it yet. The basics of these updates will be to update the Standings, compare records, perhaps players of the week, and other things of that nature. The exact composition of these posts is still up in the air a little since this idea is still fresh in my mind.

So our first full piece, to be released before the start of the regular season, will be a Draft In Review, where I will be going over the First rounds of each respective league, as well as taking a look at where various D-Backs were going in these drafts and to whom they were going.

This is my first time being a writer on any SBNation site (minus a couple FanPosts, and an enormous amount of comments), so I'm still learning how to be a good writer, but I hope everyone enjoys these posts and will foster some healthy competition between the 3 Leagues, and that we all have an excellent time, a great Fantasy Baseball season, and an absolutely amazing Arizona Diamondbacks season here in 2017.