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Snake Bytes 3/25: Gearing Up and Settling In

With the starting rotation finalized, Archie Bradley to the bullpen, and Brandon Drury locking down second base, the team’s final look for the ebginning of the season is starting to take shape.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Bird Remembered

It was 16 years ago yesterday that Randy Johnson unintentionally exploded a passing pigeon with one of his powerful left-handed offerings. Now RJ remembers the event in his new career as a professional photographer.

Paul Goldschmidt Praises WBC Experience

Despite not playing in the final three games of the championship run for Team USA, Diamondbacks’ first baseman, Paul GOldschmidt remains very positive about the experience and hopes the even grows.

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Ken Rosenthal on the Diamondbacks in 2017

For those with the optimism of Spring Training still in the blood, Ken Rosenthal explains why and how the Diamondbacks could be a sneaky contender.

MLB’s Top-50 Trade Values

For those more pesemistic about the Diamondbacks’ chances over the next few years, these 50 contracts should provide some food for thought with regards to tearing down and rebuilding, including Paul Goldschmidt at number 11.