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Diamondbacks announce their 2017 starting rotation

While the eventual starting five comes to no surprise to anyone keeping tabs over the offseason, we now have a certainty.

The Diamondbacks have announced their starting rotation on Instagram (h/t azbaseball in today’s Game Day Thread). The Diamondbacks didn’t necessarily announce the order they will go, but the starting five are Zack Greinke, Robbie Ray, Taijuan Walker, Patrick Corbin, and Shelby Miller. That comes on the heels of the news of Archie Bradley starting the year in the bullpen. Earlier this week, I felt that this would be inevitable because Miller and Corbin were slightly better this Spring, especially since I got the chance to watch both last week.

#SwipeLeft to see the #Dbacks rotation to begin the 2017 season (not necessarily in order)!

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The exact order as the Diamondbacks play the Giants April 2-5 will be determined later, although I think it will be the exact same order as the way they were ordered on Instagram. Opening Day is a week from Sunday and the roster looks like it’s settling at this point.