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Fanpost Friday: The other 29 teams

We know you like the Diamondbacks. That’s why you’re here, after all. But what about the rest of the teams?

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by David J. Phillip-Pool/Getty Images

To see if we can generate some more interaction, we’ll be running Fanpost Fridays, at least through spring training - if the response is good, these will then continue once the regular season starts up. The aim is to pose a question, and have people answer it in the form of a Fanpost. Well-formed ones will then be promoted to the front page and featured on the site over the weekend, and you may even find yourself in Google News. Please also read and, as appropriate, recommend any submitted Fanposts.

The issue: How do you feel about the OTHER teams?

We would generally agree that the Diamondbacks would be #1. But there will be no such consensus about ordering the rest of the teams. Everyone has their own personal opinions regarding the other teams, and the reasons for those views. That’s what I’m curious about here. Who are your favorites? Who can’t you stand? And why?

If you’re feeling particularly methodical, you can list all 29 teams in order, from favorite to worse. You may prefer to do it in groups: Strongly Dislike, Dislike, Neutral, Like and Strongly Like. It’s all good. But I’m particularly interested in the reasons for the choices. Is it something personal? A long-standing belief, or something more recent? How have your opinions changed over time? [I know, personally, I no longer hate the Yankees with quite the same fervor I did a decade ago!]

For your convenience, here’s an alphabetical list of all 30 teams.

Writing a Fanpost

Note: comments will be locked on this post. So the only way to respond is to write a fanpost, in which you set out your position and explain it. Get started by clicking here! This will then take you into the editor. In many ways, it isn’t all that different from posting a comment - you get some more flexibility with regard to formatting, and it’s a spiffier editor, but you can simply write away if you want. You do need to come up with at least 150 words. And yes, repeating “Shelby Miller sux” 50 times will result in a firm, disapproving stare from the SnakePit authorities. Do not go there.

Protip: You may want to write it up in Notepad or whatever, then copy and paste it over. Or if you are writing directly into the editor, be careful with the backspace button. If your mouse is outside the body and you hit backspace, it will take you back a page and you may lose any work that has not been auto saved. Just trust me on this one.

Useful link: Extra Fanpost help guide