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Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training Gameday Thread, #23: 3/19 vs. Cleveland Indians

Over to this side of town for the Diamondbacks. I suppose I could go, but think I reached my quota for the year of sunshine yesterday...

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Gregor Blanco CF
  2. David Peralta RF
  3. Brandon Drury 2B
  4. Jake Lamb 3B
  5. Chris Herrmann LF
  6. Kristopher Negrón 1B
  7. Nick Ahmed SS
  8. Jeff Mathis C
  9. Patrick Corbin LHP
    + RHP Randall Delgado, RHP Tyler Jones, RHP Tom Wilhelmsen, LHP Jorge De La Rosa, LHP Brian Matusz

Corbin gets his chance, after Archie Bradley kept the battle for the fifth starter's spot alive, with a decent showing his last time out. With Opening Day being two weeks from today, but only ten spring training games left after this one, that means no more than two games apiece for each of the candidates. So it's reaching the point where decisions are going to have to be made. I'm a little surprised we haven't seen more roster cuts already, but I imagine management have a good handle on who is likely to be in and out, and have an Opening Day roster likely written in pencil.

It's interesting to look at who has been getting the playing-time so far. Here are the top 15, by Cactus League PA's for the D-backs thus far:

  • Arcia (43)
  • Ahmed (41)
  • Hermann (40)
  • Marte (40)
  • Drury (39)
  • Blanco (38)
  • Pridie (38)
  • Owings (37)
  • Peralta (37)
  • Hazelbaker (35)
  • Negron (35)
  • Lamb (33)
  • Vargas (33)
  • Leyba (30)
  • Reinheimer (29)

We need to add Paul Goldschmidt and Daniel Descalso to the list, both men's playing time having been limited by their WBC work. And also catchers Iannetta and Mathis. But the above perhaps gives some indication of how the roster will shape up as far as position players are concerned. ESPN Phoenix 620 is your radio home for the broadcast on this one.