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Ranking the Arizona Diamondbacks: Pre-season

As we head toward spring, let’s see who you rate on the candidates.

10 Million Sit For China's National College Entrance Examination Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

On Sunday, it will be seven weeks or 56 days until Opening Day on April 2, when the D-backs take on the Giants at Chase Field. There are also 56 players currently listed to attend spring training for Arizona: the 40-man roster, plus 16 non-roster invitees. This seems like a convenient opportunity. So, beginning on Sunday, we’ll have a daily feature, looking at one player each day. The order will be determined by the results of this survey, which asks you to give each of those players a score between 1-10. It should only take about five minutes to complete if you don’t overthink your answers - it’s not worth agonizing over whether Oswaldo Arcia is a two or a three!

Once the results are collated, which I’ll probably do while watching the Super Bowl (or, to be more accurate, the Super Bowl commercials!), we’ll then begin that night with the 56th-ranked player, and work our way up, through the rest of the roster, as pitchers and catchers report and Spring Training begins. We should thus end up with the overall #1 selection on the first day of April, which should give us a good overall feel for everyone on the roster and beyond. I’ll then re-poll the SnakePit at the All-Star break, and again at the end of the season, so we can see who has risen up the rankings... or not.

Please use only a 4B pencil, and be sure your responses are entirely within the area provided. :)

Take the survey here.