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Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training Gameday Thread, #4: 2/28 vs. Texas Rangers

[Weather permitting...]

MLB: New York Yankees-Workouts Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Gregor Blanco
  2. Chris Owings
  3. Paul Goldschmidt
  4. Oswaldo Arcia
  5. Jack Reinheimer
  6. Socrates Brito
  7. Dawel Lugo
  8. Nick Ahmed
  9. Jeff Mathis
    Pitchers: Taijuan Walker + Silvino Bracho, Miller Diaz, Daniel Gibson, Joey Krehbiel, Keyvius Sampson, Josh Taylor

Might be a lottery this afternoon in Surprise for the D-backs, in terms of weather, if my journey to work this morning is anything to go by. For the 20-minute drive included bright sunshine, torrential rain, and just about every weather condition in between. I changed speeds on my windscreen wipers more frequently than I changed speed. Last I heard, it was supposedly okay in Surprise, and the D-backs, having got their hacks in this morning in the covered cages, were traveling in the expectation of playing this afternoon’s contest.

Not quite sure in today’s line-up who’s going to be playing where. There appear to be at least three shortstops announced - Owings, Ahmed and Reinheimer - and no likely starting outfielders. There’s also a DH in there somewhere. Insert “shrug” emoji. We should (rain allowing) get our first look at Taijuan Walker on the mound in a D-backs jersey. And, on the plus side, at least we’re not the Padres: