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Arizona Diamondbacks 2017 Fan Fest

For the first time this year, the Fan Fest was at Salt River Fields and not Chase Field.

There definitely seemed to be a smaller crowd at Salt River Fields this afternoon than we've seen in previous years. Of course, the late change in date from Saturday to Monday, due to the weather over the weekend, probably didn't help. The official crowd estimate was 20,000, but the sold-out capacity of Salt River Fields is about 13,500, so the claimed crowd would be about 50% more. The footage I've seen certainly didn't seem look anything like that. There were also quite a few complaints, with long lines to get in and not much to do being particularly common criticisms. Here are a few selected comments from the team's Facebook page (all spelling, punctuation and grammar as in original!)

  • 1 hour line through security to get in. Couldn't go on the field or into the dugout or clubhouse. Expensive food. Been to every one downtown so far but won't go next year if it's there again. Not much to see either this year.
  • You may want to "check" to see if Chase Field is available for next years fanfest. That was a lame excuse for not having it there this year. It was not a good decision to have it at Salt River Fields because there was really not much of anything for the kids to do.
  • Disappointing all around. The organization should be ashamed. Nothing for the kids, waited in a long line just to get in, and you honestly finished the entire fan fest within an hour if that.
  • I was one of those critical of not having it at Chase Field. But in all honesty, I thought it was great at Talking Stick. So much better than dealing with downtown. A beautiful setting. My wife and I got to meet many of the players and attend all the stage shows as well. As long as the weather is good, this is much better than Chase. I do think they should have a shuttle service to and from the parking lot next year. That was a REALLY long walk, especially for the older folks. And have a few more events for the kids. But overall, a thumbs up.
  • Worst FanFest ever. There was very little in the "yard sale" and very little of everything else compared to previous years. Such a disappointment.
  • It was Ok but I will not go to another one at salt river field. Nothing to do and very little for the kids. Took an hr to get in. I was there at 1120. Got in at 1245 yard sale was pretty much gone. Security folks were kinda of rude when u ask them a question.

Hall said the event would be returning to Salt River Fields for 2018. But based on the above, I'm kinda glad I didn't put in the effort, especially with it now being twice as far to drive... [Video from Arizona Diamondbacks]