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Arizona Diamondbacks spring training: 2/17, first day of full workouts

Couldn't make it out to Salt River Fields today? We've got you covered! Here's video from the first day of workouts... [Footage via Arizona Diamondbacks]

I've never been so pleased to see gentle jogging and light stretching, relaxed swings in the batting cage and so on.

There's also coverage of manager Torey Lovullo's open-air session with the media at the conclusion of practice. He talks a bit about his general philosophy of management, and how he stressed to the players today that "We're in this together." Of course, it's extremely early going, but Lovullo says he's putting together some new things for the team this spring - Robbie Hammock appears to be heavily involved. He's not worried about the potential bad weather tomorrow, with few of the pitchers being scheduled to throw - the hitters can easily get their hacks in, in the batting cages.

Zack Greinke had another bullpen today, and Lovullo seems to have absolutely no problems with how things are going - the delay was entirely his idea, and they were fine with it. So far, so good...