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Arizona Wildcats recreate Spring Training scene from 'Major League'

Yes, there IS still baseball in Tucson...

You probably remember that the Diamondbacks used to play their spring training games in Tucson. You may recall that the Rockies and even the White Sox used to play there too. But going back even further - before the Diamondbacks were a glint in Jerry Colangelo’s eye - the Cleveland Indians used to hold their spring training camp there, at Hi Corbet Field. Owner Bill Veeck, who had a ranch near the city, moved from Florida in 1947, and they remained there until 1992. They then decamped temporarily back to the Grapefruit League through 2008, when they returned to Arizona, this time to the Goodyear facility.

But in 1989, the film Major League - a movie based around the Indians’ franchise - was made, including scenes set in spring training, shot at Hi Corbett Field. Many of the background players for this were University of Arizona players - and current Wildcats recently released a video, in which they reshot the scene.

And for comparison, here’s the original clip. I think they did a pretty solid job...