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SnakePit Spring Training Fest: March 18

It is on... We’ll be linking up with the Brute Squad for a pre-season get-together at Salt River Fields

Milwaukee Brewers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

At the suggestions of edbigghead and Turumbar, and after a frenzied process of consultation, it was decided that the game will be the one on the 18th at Salt River Fields. As yet, we don’t know who the D-backs will be playing, but it’s going to be an international contest, against a team that went through from the second round of WBC qualification in Tokyo, so it could be anyone from Japan through Cuba to Israel. Though, let’s be honest, we’re not too concerned about the opposition, since we’re there to see the D-backs.

We did think about lawn seats, but in deference to a range of considerations including global warming, my translucent skin and Mrs. SnakePit’s butt, we’ve opted to go for a more civilized option: actual, decent seats. However, this does mean time is of the essence in order to lock up the necessary block, as we need to know by, say, noon on Friday if you want to go. Hence the button below, which will let you pay for the tickets (they’re $32 each - it goes through PayPal, but you can use any major CC. “Trash City” is Mrs. SnakePit’s company, in case you were wondering). We will be in the 200’s somewhere, in order for them to be nice and shaded.

The plan is to meet up somewhere before the game for ticket distribution and perhaps lunch. [Lunch sold separately!] Of course, if you want to get your own tickets or whatever, that’s perfectly fine too. Hope to see you there - spring training is one of the most glorious things about living in Arizona, and it would be wrong not to take advantage. And let’s not forget last year - spring training was probably also the most glorious thing about the entire season, to be honest...