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Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Team: Third Baseman

The Diamondbacks have had a lot of average 3B over the course of their careers although some of them came with different warts. One was an aging player that had 1 MVP caliber season with a bunch of injury-riddle campaigns afterwards, another had jaw-dropping power but horrible contact skills, another was a player who struggled to take the next step after a solid first full season, and the final is the incumbent starter at the position going into 2018.

Matt Williams: The Diamondbacks traded for Williams before they played their first game in 1998 and he was the 3B until 2003. Williams had a monster 1999 season before suffering a rash of injuries late in his career. His most memorable moment with the Diamondbacks was a moonshot off Andy Pettite in Game 2 of the 2001 World Series that blew open a closely pitched game.

Mark Reynolds: Nicknamed the Sheriff by Mark Grace and Special K by this page, Mark Reynolds was the ultimate feast or famine hitter to play for the Diamondbacks. Reynolds had stupid power where if he barreled up a ball it wouldn’t leave the ballpark it would go in areas unfathomable for your run of the mill RHH. Unfortunately the trade off for 30+ HR power was 200 strikeouts, which Reynolds averaged from 2008-2010. Reynolds did offset some of the strikeouts with a decent walk rate, which is why he didn’t have many seasons where he was a below average bat.

Chad Tracy: Tracy was supposed to be the future at 3B when he first came up with the Diamondbacks. After a decent rookie campaign, Tracy broke out for a huge 2005 season in which he hit 27 HR and put up 3.6 bWAR. Unfortunately, his career peaked at that point where he regressed in 2006 before succumbing to various knee injuries to end his Diamondbacks career. Ironically it was an injury he suffered in 2007 that opened up the door for Reynolds.

Jake Lamb: Lamb was drafted by the Diamondbacks in 2012 and quickly rose up the ranks. Lamb is the current starter at 3B, having held the job since 2015. Lamb provides 30 HR power from the left side of the plate, although that value is offset by his poor glove at the hot corner.

Top 3B in Dbacks History

Player Years Games PA OPS+ bWAR All-Star Top 10 MVP
Player Years Games PA OPS+ bWAR All-Star Top 10 MVP
Matt Williams 1998-2003 595 2462 100 8.2 1 1
Mark Reynolds 2007-2010 563 2285 108 5.4 0 0
Jake Lamb 2014-2017 444 1752 105 5.8 1 0
Chad Tracy 2004-2009 704 2587 100 5.4 0 0
Source: Baseball Reference


Best 3B in Dbacks History?

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