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Snake Bytes 12/12: 2017 MLB Winter Meetings and Open Thread

What will today bring us?

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Miami Marlins v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Arizona Diamondbacks

D-backs Won’t Mortgage Future for Present

It is fairly obvious that a “win now” attitude is not the right play for the D-backs, especially with payroll constraints. Hazen was asked a lot of questions in this article to which he gave extremely vague answers. He’s certainly got a plan for this year and following years, but he is smart enough not to announce it to the world. He did say he expects A.J. Pollock and Patrick Corbin to be on the roster. A lot of it DOES depend on who’s available and at what price. Mortgaging the future could mean a lot of things. Trading prospects, signing big long-term deals, deferring salary, or using international money unwisely. Hazen also seems to realize that 2018 is a real chance, so expect plenty of balance going forward.

With Stanton Set, Who Nets Next Big Fish in J.D.

The Stanton rumor to the Yankees became officially true. The next best player to be bought is J.D. Martinez. There does not seem to be a consensus on who wins him. The usual suspects of big market teams are on the list. How much money he makes depends on if a bidding war ensues. If I was Just Dingers, I’d wrap myself in bubble wrap, not play with fireworks, and stay off the dirt bike. At least until the deal is finished and my family is set forever. Do the D-backs have a chance? Perhaps a slim one. But the longer the deal, the bigger the risk. For the D-backs, it would be a very big risk and probably mean dumping salary elsewhere now and in the future. Who knows? Maybe our owner had a good year in the stock market and is feeling generous.

Diamondbacks Are Quiet as Roster Questions Loom

It is not surprising that the D-backs have been quiet so far. Their projected payroll of $115 million is pretty much all used up with the current roster. Barring a trade of a big name like Lamb, Pollock, or Corbin, maybe even Greinke, the Diamondbacks will be most active looking for value once the dust settles.

Around MLB

Dombrowski Undeterred After Stanton Trade

The Cold War superpowers had the Space Race. The AL East superpowers have the Winter Meetings. What will Boston do next to respond? Is J.D. Martinez DH material? Will Boston mortgage their future? Even superpowers have a budget, sort of at least.

Scott Boras’ Pitch for Jake Arrieta Going Straight to MLB Owners

Speaking of superpowers, Mr. Boras has compiled a 75-page binder to pitch his pitcher. I’m sure he wants Zack Greinke money and the binder proves why he deserves it. I can hardly fill a page on my resume, but I don’t have Scott Boras working for me.

Winter Meetings Day 1 for All Teams

A brief summary of where all teams stand after Day 1 of the meetings.

Winter Meetings: Follow the News and Gossip Live

Things will be happening quickly, keep yourself informed.