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Randy Johnson throwing blindfolded

And yes, it’s still a strike...

Randy Johnson #51

Randy Johnson was once challenged, on a Japanese TV show to throw to a target... while blindfolded. I’m not sure when the video below was originally taken - that would require someone with better knowledge of Japanese! But regardless, and even if Johnson was perhaps not quite throwing at full effort, it’s still pretty impressive. Points should be deducted from the catcher, who couldn’t hold onto the pitch, though in his defense, there are some things blocking his view of the ball that are not standard baseball obstacles.

On the other hand, I was especially amused by Johnson being able to find the strike-zone past all the various bits and pieces propped up in front of it - including one of his Cy Young awards, and a model car which, I believe, was one of the announcers’ prized possessions. Maybe they should have put a china bird in there as well? As an aside, the announcer wearing the blue jersey is legendary Japanese third-baseman, Masayuki Kakefu. He hit 349 home-runs over a 15-year career with the Hanshin Tigers, peaking in 1979 when he batted .327 with 48 HR. Of course, he didn’t have to face Randy Johnson. Least of all, a blindfolded Randy Johnson....