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Saturday Sporcle: Arizona Diamondbacks Loss Leaders

Some painful memories in here, I’m sure...

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewers - April 7, 2006 Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

This is actually a revisit of one which we originally did after the 2013 season, but I figured it was deserving of a revisit, considering how things have changed. Indeed, of the 36 players to have lost a total of 15 or more games in a Diamondbacks jersey, a full one-sixth pitched for the team this year and over 30% have added to their tally since the original quiz. Some other random facts about pitcher losses, which I can provide without spoilers.

  • The player with most innings pitched for Arizona without ever tasting defeat is Craig Breslow, who threw 43.1 innings for us, finishing with a record of 2-0.
  • Matt Stites’s 41.2 innings is the most by a Diamondbacks without a win or a loss. Or a save, for that matter.
  • Breslow is one of 14 players who have a 1.000 winning percentage as a D-back. 12 have career records of 1-0 (most recently Adam Loewen and Tyler Wagner were both 1-0 in 2016), while Breslow and Jimmie Sherfy are currently 2-0.
  • Conversely, 30 players have a 0.000 winning percentage. They’re led by Vidal Nuño, who managed to go 0-8 over 14 starts and a total of 98 innings, without a win.
  • However, Silvino Bracho is getting there, having thrown 57.2 winless innings so far. He’s fourth on the list of all such MLB pitchers who threw in 2017. The list is currently led by the BrewersTyler Cravy who had thrown 71 innings in his career without a W.

Enough chit-chat from the lower end of the list. Here are the loss leaders. If you can get 30 of these, you’re doing well: obviously, the longer-term ones should be easy, but there are a few you might forget. Last names only are fine. Link for mobile, if you can’t see the quiz below.