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Snake Bytes 10/5: Beat LA!

The D-backs defeat the Rockies in a classic elimination game that will not soon be forgotten by our fans.

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National League Wild Card Game - Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Diamondbacks 11, Rockies 8

By now most of us know the details. Over time, we may forget a few, but I for one will never forget how I felt. There is nothing like playoff baseball. It gives us a chance to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and can bring entire communities together. Even though the D-backs led the game start to finish, the outcome was not assured until the final out. That’s how playoff baseball works and it shouldn’t be any other way.

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Bradley Will ‘Never Forget’ Huge WC Game Triple

D-backs’ fans won’t forget it either. I doubt Rockies’ fans will forget it either. But honestly, this game was filled with moments just as important. Triples by Marte and Pollock. A blast by Goldy to set the tone coming out of his slump. Lamb’s four hits. Descalso’s HR and glove flip. Robbie Ray meeting the challenge in relief. A diving catch by Pollock (that was Chafin’s only out in the 4th, but since the D-backs never surrendered the lead, he ended up with the W). Even J.D. who couldn’t get a hit ran down the line in record speed for him to beat out a DP keeping the rally alive.

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Lovullo Weighing Options for Game 1 Starter

Lovullo has earned my trust, I’m sure he knows best. My best guess at this moment is 1: Walker 2: Ray 3: Greinke 4: Corbin 5: Ray. If Godley is the odd-man out, his role may be even most important. The way the playoff and elimination games are managed these days, Godley coming out of the bullpen could help Bradley get multiple innings in tight games.

Rockies Speak Highly of D-backs in Losing Effort, Optimistic of Future

Mutual respect should be expected after a game like that. There were a fair amount of Rockies’ fans at the game, but they were overwhelmed by the home town crowd. They have a future, but like ours, they have contract decisions to make in the coming years.

Bickley: D-backs Shine on Brink of Elimination

It is comforting to know that the D-backs do have the right stuff to win an elimination game. However, winning the World Series without having to do that again will be just fine by me.

Torey Lovullo Used his Bullpen Brilliantly

Greinke didn’t last 4 innings in this game, but that was actually the longest outing by any WC starter this year. Proper usage of the bullpen can win playoff games. Bringing in Ray was necessary to win this game. Letting Bradley hit in bottom of the 7th had some luck involved, but he was needed in the 8th. Using lefty specialists worked out nicely. I am sure more starters will be coming out of the bullpen this postseason going forward.

How the Diamondbacks Can Beat the Dodgers

After last night’s game and the Dodgers recent slide, it seems to be getting accepted by the national media that an Arizona win would not be surprising. I just know the games need to be played and outcomes are not knowable. But the media cannot ignore the Diamondbacks any longer.

Around MLB

Invention Shouldn’t Require Necessity

FanGraphs looks at how Joe Giaradi used his bullpen for almost the entire WC game for the Yankees. Perhaps we should have known that was the policy for a WC game all along.

Eight Potential Postseason Unsung Heroes

Those non-stars that win playoff games are hard to predict. Ketel Marte is certainly a reasonable choice by this author. With all the injuries, Marte was forced into action, but it now seems he was the best choice at shortstop all along.

Predicting Which Player is Doomed to Make the Last Out in the World Series

I think most players who make the final out at the plate are forgiven. If I was a player, I’d be more concerned about making a final error. That will always be remembered.