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2017 Arizona Diamondbacks Review: #38, Kristopher Negron

Kristopher Negron could be a valuable asset on the bench.

Kristopher Negron
Kristopher Negron
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

  • Date of birth: February 1, 1986
  • 2017 line: 14 games, 31 PA, .160/.300/.200 = .500 OPS
  • 2017 value: -0.2 bWAR
  • 2017 salary: minimal, arbitration starts 2019
  • SnakePit rating: 3.47

2017 analysis

In 2015, the Reds played Kristopher Negron in every position except pitcher and catcher. His hitting stats fell by about 50%. In September 2015, he severely injured his shoulder (torn labrum and fractured scapula) with a diving catch. It speaks highly of him that he came back from that injury.

Jumping ahead, he signed a minor league contract with the D-backs in November 2016. In 2017 in Reno, in 120 games he posted his best hitting numbers ever (.300/.366/.502=.867 OPS), and earned a call-up on 1 September.

His hitting stats dropped significantly in the Majors. Nevertheless, his on-base percentage was at the 43rd percentile for D-back position players. He contributed to the team and showed his potential.

2018 prospects

He has a single minded focus on baseball; he always has and he always will. He started baseball at a very young age - this tweet shows him holding a baseball bat nearly as tall as he was.

In 2006, he said, “My mindset was baseball, baseball, baseball and because of that I paid the price for not spending enough time on academics ….” That focus on baseball makes him valuable to the D-backs.

He has a high ceiling. His star power was seen in 2014 with 2.1 WAR earned in 49 games. He was great in offense and defense.

With a good offensive showing in spring training, and with his demonstrated position flexibility, he could be a valuable asset on the bench. Alternatively, he could be depth in Reno.