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Playoff Gameday Thread #1: AL Wild Card

Born today: Gwen Stefani

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Show Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The 2017 post-season gets under way this evening in New York, as the Yankees take on the Twins. Much like Arizona, Minnesota staged a remarkable turn-around, going from 100 losses last season to the playoffs. Even as the trade deadline approached, they were looking to sell and at the two-thirds point of the season on August 4, were four games below .500, at 52-56, 11th in the American League. But only the Indians had more wins in the AL after that date, so it would behoove any opponent, not to take them lightly.

The Yankees are from New York and are a baseball team. I mention this because there’s no way you’ve ever heard about them. There’s a guy called Karyn Fudge or something who plays for them, but he has received absolutely no coverage in the media this year either, so can’t be any good. The sooner he and the rest of the Yankees leave the playoffs, the happier the fans of all other 29 teams will be. If’s around 8:30 pm tonight, that’s fine by me.