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2017 NL Wild Card Game: How to watch, where to meet and all you need to know

On Wednesday, the Arizona Diamondbacks will face the Colorado Rockies. It’s going to be awesome.

Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game 3 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What are you going to be doing tomorrow? Going to the game? Tell us what section! Watching from afar? Let us know from where you will be remote fanning! But if you haven’t made up your mind yet, here’s some helpful information.

Going to Chase Field

The game is scheduled to start at 5:08pm, but I would seriously suggest getting there a very long time in advance. The start time means you will be getting into rush hour downtime, and since the game is officially sold-out, parking is going to be both a lot tougher than usual and more expensive. Your usual spot will probably be gone, long before first pitch. Additionally, security will be tight and the lines for the metal detectors considerably longer than usual. There will be no shortage of activities, so you may as well make a day of it and get there really early.

Pre-game meet-up

In the absence of any formal SnakePit get-together for this one, the officially sanctioned meet-up is being hosted by the Brute Squad.

Where: Seamus McCaffrey's, 18 W Monroe Street.
When: Starting 2pm, Wednesday Oct 4.

Why? For that, we turn it over to founding father of the Brute Squad, edbigghead:

"Friends, are you tired of attending games surrounded by "fans" who only cheer if the screen tells them to? Have you witnessed boring fans that just sit and neck-stare down their phone during live action? Are you through with "fans" walking down the aisle interrupting your line of sight during live ball? Then the Brute Squad is for you. Join the Brute Squad at Seamus McCaffrey’s at as early as 2 pm Wednesday October 4th before the Wild Card game. There you will learn the dominant ways of heckling opposing players, rude fans and others, while also experiencing the 360 degrees of Brute Squad life.

Fans who wish to join The Brute Squad pre-game will also be given the a VIP experience of 1 free drink (your choice) at Seamus McCaffery's along with VIP Presidential, (no one F's with you, ever) escort to Chase field. Once you meet with The Brute Squad you will fully understand their compassion toward fellow fans and their generosity. This is your chance to BE The Brute Squad......See you at the game, BRO."

If you’re showing up, simply watch out for the party in the BRUTE SQUAD jerseys. If you don’t see them immediately, head for the loudest group, and you’ll probably be in the right area... :)

At Chase Field

If you’re going to the park, the Game Seven Grill on the plaza will open for lunch at 11:00 a.m. and stay open until an hour after the end of the game. The gates to the ballpark will open at 3pm, and starting at that time, the D-backs will host a street festival along 4th Street and Jackson. That will feature live music from Rock Lobster, a beer garden, postseason merchandise truck and the D-backs Street Team.

The first 45,000 fans - so, basically everyone! - will receive a Sedona Red D-backs Rally Towel, courtesy of Cox Communications, Fry’s Food Stores and PetSmart. If you remember Game 7 of the 2001 World Series and the white pom-poms handed out for that, you’ll know how amazing it can look. I’m keen to see what Chase Field looks like in “red-out” conditions. This would tend to suggest you should also wear your reddest D-backs attire, rather than white, purple, turquoise or any of the other colors.

Inside the park, Mark Zubia from “The Pistoleros” will perform in the Draft Room, beginning at 4:00 p.m. The pre-game ceremonies will start at 4:30pm, and include:

  • Ceremonial first pitch by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner
  • National anthem performed by Jesse McGuire
  • 90’ x 180’ American flag in the shape of the United States, held by uniformed Military members, Phoenix Police and Fire personnel on the field

McGuire, again, is a throwback to the 2001 World Series, who also performed at Chase Field the last time the Diamondbacks participated in the post-season, against the Brewers in 2011. Of course, Warner needs no introduction to Arizona sports fans, having taken the Cardinals agonizingly close to the second major sports championship in state history, losing to the Steelers in the final seconds of the 2009 Super Bowl.

Not going to Chase Field

Weren’t able to get tickets? Not going to be in town? [raises hand] No worries. You can still watch the game. Firstly: unlike 161 of the regular season contests, it’s not going to be on Fox Sports Arizona. The game is on TBS. This means you will have to deal with national broadcasters who will be broadcasting to a national audience, rather than Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly. You can thus probably expect tiresome explanations of stuff you already know, like who Archie Bradley is, and isn’t his beard amusing.

However, Fox Sports Arizona still has you covered, and you may well want to have your TV tuned to them during the hours leading up to and after the game, for more Arizona-centric (and, I suspect, better informed!) coverage of the contest. Indeed, FSAZ will have a full 12 hours of Diamondbacks coverage on the day, including four hours of pre-game coverage and a post

  • 6 a.m. — Diamondbacks Live! Postgame Wildcard Clincher replay
  • 7 a.m. — #DbacksGiveBack show
  • 7:30 a.m. — Diamondbacks Live! Postgame Wildcard Clincher replay
  • 8:30 a.m. — D-backs Driven In (David Peralta)
  • 9 a.m. — D-backs Driven In (Andrew Chafin and Zack Godley)
  • 9:30 a.m. — #DbacksGiveBack show
  • 10 a.m. — Game of #OurSeason. Fans got to pick their game of the year in an online poll: with a landslide 66% of the vote, this will be the J.D. Martinez 4-HR game from Sept. 4, where we beat LA 13-0.
  • Noon — Diamondbacks: The 10th Inning – Best of the Local Nine
  • 12:30 p.m. — Mark Grace Storytime Theater
  • 1-5 p.m. — Diamondbacks Live! Postseason Edition pregame show
  • 5 p.m. — Mark Grace Storytime Theater
  • TBD –Diamondbacks Live! Postseason Edition postgame show (1 hour)

If you’ve cut the cord, things will be a little trickier for the post-season. If you’re in North America, is not likely to be a credible solution. For those outside (or using a VPN to fake it), the overseas subscription will have you covered, with every post-season game being aired there. Sling TV would be one option, though if the D-backs’ stay in the playoffs lasts longer than their 7-day free trial, you would end up having to subscribe. Both the NL wild-card came and Division Series will be on TBS, so at least you only have to worry about one channel. Beyond that, FOX is the channel you will need to have, but let’s worry about that come the Championship Series!

Alternatively, you can go old-school and listen to games on the radio. 98.7 Arizona Sports has been the home of the Diamondbacks for the regular season, and I believe that will continue through the post-season, for as long as the Diamondbacks are in action. But if it’s like last year, ESPN Radio will also be broadcasting the games, and that will also be available through and on mobile devices via the ESPN app and other applications such as TuneIn.

Naturally, the SnakePit will also be in full effect, with previews, the Gameday Thread, and recaps after every post-season game. Don’t touch that dial!