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Playoff Gameday Thread #23: Ready to lift-off

The Astros now have the advantage, and a win tonight in Houston would bring them to the brink.

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

5:08 pm: Los Angeles Dodgers @ Houston Astros (Astros 2-1)

Alex Wood (16-3, 2.72) vs. Charlie Morton (RHP, 14-7, 3.62). No line-ups at the time of writing: this one’s pre-scheduled since we’re off to see William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead. Well, it IS Halloween weekend... Back in the land of the living, The Astros continued their strong home form with a win in Game 3, and will be looking to push that advantage further. The Dodgers will need Wood to give them a bit of length, since their bullpen tossed 6.1 innings last night, after Yu Darvish’s early departure, and if this isn’t quite a “must win” for them, it’s getting there. Defeat would mean they not only have to win with Kershaw tomorrow, they then also need to beat Justin Verlander on Tuesday, as well as Game 7 Wednesday night. We can but hope...