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Saturday Sporcle: Home of the Diamondbacks Homers

Home-runs hit an all-time high in MLB this year. How many of the D-backs to reach the 20 HR mark do you recall?

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

There have been a total of 50 seasons in franchise history, in which a Diamondback has hit twenty or more home-runs. That averages two and a half per year, but despite the overall MLB surge, this season, there were not that many more for Arizona: three. The record for a single year thus remains five, which happened in 2005. That’s one off the major-league high, done most recently by the 2017 Dodgers, Cubs and (surprisingly) Reds. At the other end, the 2014 Diamondbacks did not have a single player hit 20 homers: Paul Goldschmidt led the team, with only 19. Fun fact: the Giants haven’t had a 20-HR season the past two years, Brandon Belt leading both seasons, with 17 + 18.

These seasons come from 26 different players, so that’s how many names you need to find. The leader did it six times: there are then two players tied with five apiece, so this trio are responsible close to one-third of all 20-homer seasons for Arizona. You shouldn’t have any problems with them. The tricky names here are likely to be the 15 who only did it once. Still, all of these names made an impact during their time with Arizona, so you should be looking to get at least 45 of the 50 seasons cleared before time is up. As usual, last names only are fine.

Link, if the quiz is giving you mobile grief.