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Saturday Sporcle: Double-digit Diamondbacks

This year, three pitchers hit double-digits in W’s for Arizona. But 22 have done so previously.

Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

All told, from 1998-2017, 25 different pitchers won 10 or more games for the Arizona Diamondbacks, on 46 total occasions. This season’s tally of three was one short of the record. We’ve had a four-pack of such pitchers on two occasions: once was back in 1999, but the Diamondbacks also had that in 2011. You won’t be surprised to learn that two men are responsible for almost a quarter of all those seasons: one reached 10 wins on six occasions, the other five. Only one other pitcher has more than two - and you might be quite surprised by who that man is. There’s also one pitcher who reached 10 wins, while making just one start that year. He might be tough to spell...

I think that’s probably enough clues to get you going. Six minutes to come up with these 46 occasions, and as usual, we just need their last names. A credible target here would be 40. Link for mobile users.