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Playoff Gameday Thread #18: Houston, have we a problem?

If they don’t win tonight, the nightmare scenario of a Dodgers-Yankees World Series will come to pass.

League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game One Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

5:08 pm: New York Yankees @ Houston Astros (Yankees 3-2)

Luis Severino (RHP, 14-6, 2.98) vs. Justin Verlander (RHP, 15-8, 3.36). This feels a little bit like the 2001 World Series, with the Yankees losing the first two games on the road, before storming back to take the next three in Yankee Stadium. Hopefully, that’s a pattern which continues tonight and tomorrow, now that the series has shifted back to Houston. This evening will be a rematch of Game 2, which saw Verlander pitch the only complete game of the post-season so far, and become the first AL starter to strike out 13 in a playoff contest since Max Scherzer in 2013. The Tigers will be hoping the Yankees don’t adjust, the same way they did to seeing Dallas Keuchel again in Game 5.

If they do, then I’ll be getting through an awful lot of Netflix in the next week. When’s the second season of Stranger Things due out?