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Playoff Gameday Thread #16: Cubs on edge of extinction

The Dodgers could clinch the National League pennant tonight at Wrigley Field.

Dead Brown Bear Bruno Exposed To Public Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

2:08 pm: Houston Astros @ New York Yankees (2-2)

Dallas Keuchel (LHP, 14-5, 2.90) vs. Masahiro Tanaka (RHP, 13-12, 4.74). When the teams arrived in New York, the Astros seemed set fair to move quickly on to the World Series. Now, this is suddenly a new, best-of-three series. However, it still feels like the advantage goes to Houston, with Keuchel having won the match-up against Tanaka, when they faced off in Game 1. He threw seven shutout innings; not that his opponent pitched badly, with six innings of two-run ball. It just wasn’t good enough. However, momentum is certainly with the Yankees, after a dominant win in Game 3, and a late surge in Game 4, locking up the series.

6:01 pm: Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs (Dodgers 3-0)

Alex Wood (LHP, 16-3, 2.72) vs. Jake Arrieta (RHP, 14-10, 3.53).

The apparently unstoppable Dodgers look to win their seventh consecutive post-season game, and toss the reigning champion Cubs from the playoffs. This would mean 17 consecutive World Series without a successful defense, the last being the Yankees in 2000. It’s already the longest streak among the four major sports, ahead of the NFL (12 Super Bowls since the Patriots in 2004-05), NHL (0 Stanley Cups, the Penguins having gone back-to-back) and NBA (0 championships, the Warriors having three-peated). The 2011-16 World Series saw nine different teams take part. with the Cubs the only one of the remaining four included there, it will likely be eleven teams in seven years.