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New at Chase Field for the postseason: Caramel Cinnamon Roll Sundae

Is that Imstillhungry95 I hear, sobbing gently in the corner?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have become something between notorious and famous for their recent trend to culinary excess of late. The D-bat Dog. The Churro Dog. And even more questionable items like the funnel cake chicken sandwich. We’ve reported on a number of these before:

But with the Diamondbacks having made the post-season for the first time in six years, there was clearly the need for an additional item. And the creature in question was announced after the regular season finale at Chase Field today.

It appears, based on the picture, to be the frozen yogurt, swirled together with the caramel apple sauce, and the snickerdoodle chunks sprinkled on top. A cinnamon roll is then dumped, unceremoniously on the top. But I can’t say I mind too much. I’m curious about the size of it: there’s no real way to get an idea from the picture, which needs a banana for scale or something. At $11, it will be rather more expensive than our usual seventh inning treat from Cold Stone Creamery, so I am presuming it will also be rather larger.

Though as Mrs. SnakePit put it, “Are they trying to kill off the fanbase?” Calorific content was not available at the time of writing, but I’m guessing it starts with an F. I’m not sure whether it might be for the best - at least as far as the diabetic health of D-backs supporters goes! - if this turns out to be a For One Night Only special item...