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2016 Arizona Diamondbacks MVP: Nominations open

We finish off our award season with the biggest crown of all.

Oscar? Statuettes On Display At Chicago Museum Of Science & Industry Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

It’s probably safe to say that this one is going to come down to a two-horse race. But don’t forget, this is just like the Oscars, and so it’s an honor even to be nominated! The pattern from previous years has been fairly standard: we carry forward winners of Rookie of the Year, Unsung Hero and Pitcher of the Year, along with two other selections. This year, those two additional selections are pretty damn obvious (and will likely form the dual equines mentioned above). However, we didn’t have a Rookie of the Year, so we could go with either a third wild-card selection, or if there’s no-one considered worthy, leave the field at four.

For now, what we have are:

  • Unsung Hero: Chris Owings
  • Pitcher of the Year: Zack Greinke
  • Paul Goldschmidt
  • Jean Segura

As before, please leave any discussion of the merits of these four candidates for the actual poll thread itself, which will go up on Wednesday. This thread is intended to figure out whether or not there should be a fifth candidate listed on the ballot, and if so, who it should be. Offer up suggestions in the comments below, and rec any you feel are deserving. I’ll likely add the most-rec’d (and non-sarcastic!) suggestion, provided it meets a certain standard of quality!