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Diamondbacks settle arbitration cases with INF Chris Owings, C/OF Chris Herrmann, LHP Patrick Corbin, and RHP Randall Delgado

With today’s arbitration deadline before players and team filed numbers looming, the Diamondbacks are working to get their arbitration cases settled.

U.S. Treasury Re-Designs Dollar Notes Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Today is one of the busiest days on the MLB calendar since it is also the deadline for arbitration-eligible players to settle cases before team and the players file numbers for arbitration. The Diamondbacks have already come to terms with LHP Patrick Corbin, RHP Randall Delgado, SS Chris Owings, and C Chris Herrmann, signing each to 1-year deals. Corbin and Delgado were in their second year of arbitration eligibility, while the other players were all in their first cycle

Jack Magruder of has the salary numbers for these players.

Owings was projected to make $2.1M, Delgado $1.9M, Herrmann $1.0M, and Corbin $4.2M, so the Dbacks pretty much aren’t saving money in this aspect.

The two unsigned players left are both starting pitchers, Shelby Miller and Taijuan Walker. Miller is projected to earn $4.9 million in arbitration, as estimated by Matt Swartz, while Walker is expected to get about $2.8 million. Although players and teams have now filed their desired salaries, that doesn’t mean negotiations cannot continue, and it would be no surprise to see both men inked, rather than going to an actual arbitration hearing. The D-backs had their first hearing since 2001 in February 2015 with Mark Trumbo winning his case, and getting $6.9 million.

Update. We’ve got the figures for Shelby Miller and Taijuan Walker now.

Doesn’t seem like either should present too much of a problem: Walker will come in below expectations, while the mid-point between team and player falls exactly at the projected amount.