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Arizona Diamondbacks: January Confidence Poll

It got held up at the airport, doncha know?

But then, December’s didn’t show up until the 9th either, so I guess this isn’t too late, by relative terms! As usual, let’s begin with taking a look at the results from the last poll, which also completes the 2016 set of polls.

  • 6% - 1 (not confident in the slightest)
  • 5% - 2
  • 8% - 3
  • 16% - 4
  • 15% - 5
  • 28% - 6
  • 13% - 7
  • 4% - 8
  • 4% - 9 (very, very, VERY confident)

The main change this month comes in the 5-6 range. While the percentage who went for one or other category was similar - 40.4% in November, 42.3% in December - the ratio went from 3:2 in favor of the lower score, to 2:1 in favor of the higher one. Every other category was +/- five percent or less, of where they were in November. "6" takes over from "5" as the most popular overall choice, the fourth different leader in four different months - it was "3" in October, and "1" back in the dismal days of our poll at the beginning of September. ["1" has now fallen all the way to sixth]

Despite the general lack of movement, it was still enough to boost the overall score up above five, marking the fourth consecutive month of growth. However, that’s still virtually two full points below what it was on Opening Day, and I suspect lessons will have been learned, with enthusiasm remaining restrained until actual games are being played this year! Here’s the full graph for the year which was 2016: truly a case that every picture tells a story...

Not a great deal of activity since we last polled, so I’m not expecting much in the way of a change in the overall number as we head into the New Year. Maybe we will sign Matt Wieters before pitchers and catchers report, but otherwise, I’ve a feeling the needle may not move much between now and Opening Day. But, as ever, that’s what the poll below will decide - and, hey, no need to register to vote in this one!