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Arizona Diamondbacks 2017 MLB Draft

Get to know Visalia Rawhide Catcher Dominic Miroglio

The 2017 draftee is breaking out with increased playing time

Get to know Drew Ellis, 3B A+ Visalia Rawhide

Wesley Baier sits down with Diamondbacks Prospect, and the 44th pick overall in the 2017 Draft, Drew Ellis

D-backs sign draft picks Pavin Smith and Daulton Varsho

The #7 pick will get the full slot value, a little north of $5 million.

Scouting Report: Matt Tabor, RHP, Milton Academy

Diamondbacks added a young, projectable righty with their 3rd round pick.

MLB Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Going over Rounds 3-10

Scouting Report: Daulton Varsho, C, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Diamondbacks selected Varsho with the 68th pick in the draft.

Scouting Report: Drew Ellis, 3B, University of Louisville

What are the Diamondbacks getting out of their 2nd round pick?

Arizona Diamondbacks 2017 Day 1 Recap: Dbacks add bats

The Diamondbacks added a lot of bats to the organization, although a couple of them might be positionally challenged.

Pick #68 - Daulton Varsho, C/OF, UW- Milwaukee

As many people anticipated, the Diamondbacks did take a catcher with their third round pick, he just wasn’t any of the ones expected.

Pick #44- Drew Ellis, 3B, Louisville

With their second round selection, Arizona took the man that batted behind and hit more home runs than slugger Brendan McKay this season.

Introducing Pavin Smith

Pavin Smith met with the media after being selected number seven overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Here are some takeaways.

Diamondbacks select Virginia 1B Pavin Smith at 7th overall

The Diamondbacks liked Pavin Smith’s bat.

This stream has:

Arizona Diamondbacks 2017 MLB Draft Coverage

Breaking down the 2017 MLB Draft and what the Arizona Diamondbacks did to improve their farm system through the amateur draft.

2017 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

Open thread to discuss the 2017 MLB Draft and rant that the Diamondbacks did not draft the player you liked.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Pavin, Haseley, and Bukauskas - Second Look

Following up on the previous scouting reports of three strong candidates for the seventh pick in the draft.

The Diamondbacks All-Miss Draft Team

Sometimes, we knock it out of the park. Sometimes, we ground into a rally-killing double-play...

Scouting Report: Royce Lewis, SS/OF, Jesuit Serra HS (CA)

Lewis isn’t likely to fall to the Diamondbacks’ pick, but you never know.

The Diamondbacks All-Hit Draft Team

Who are the best players selected at each position in the draft by the D-backs over the years?

Scouting Report: Austin Beck, OF, North Davidson HS

With the way I expect the draft to go, I also expect the North Davidson High School outfielder to be the top prep player on the board at 7.

Arizona Diamondbacks Mock Draft Round-Up

Which players do the pundits have the Diamondbacks picking in this year’s mock draft?

The history of the #44, #68 and #82 draft picks

What does the past tells us about what the Diamondbacks might get with their other top 100 picks?

Scouting Report: Jake Burger, 3B, Missouri State University

One of the smaller school power houses the last few seasons has a very intriguing draft prospect at the hot corner.

Scouting Report: David Peterson, LHP, University of Oregon

A fast-riser in the draft, the Diamondbacks could be looking at him as another under-slot option at 7.

Scouting Report: Logan Warmoth, SS, University of North Carolina

J.B. Bukauskas isn’t the only North Carolina player that should be on the Diamondbacks’ radar.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Jeren Kendall

Profiling one the toolsiest college players in the draft.

Scouting Report: Pavin Smith, 1B, University of Virginia

Smith is one of the most polished bats in a draft that lacks many.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Nate Pearson

Covering the second requested below-slot prospect that is quickly rising through the prospect rankings.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - David Peterson

The first of two rising stock prospects it was requested I profile.

Scouting Report: Adam Haseley, OF, University of Virginia

If it comes down to a worst-case scenario, where the top HS players and JB Bukauskas go in the top 6 picks, the Diamondbacks might elect to go with a college bat over a high school one.

Scouting Report: J.B. Bukauskas, RHP, University of North Carolina

The North Carolina ace could be the Diamondbacks ace in the not too distant future.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - MacKenzie Gore

Profiling the best left-handed pitcher in this year’s draft.

The Bard’s Take: 2017 MLB Draft - Royce Lewis

Profiling the best position player from the prep ranks in this season’s draft.