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Los Gigantes vs. Las Serpientes

As we wind down this season, we're at the audition stage.. we'll see who plays out the string and who still has the drive, that passion, the need to test themselves against the bet and prove that they belong. There's also the possibility of tacos....

Paul Goldschmidt works on his bat levitation skills
Paul Goldschmidt works on his bat levitation skills
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The View From The Crows Nest

Are we still watching... yes, of course we are.  We who watch and attend when and where we can, full of hope, still hoping that the club will show us something of the season that might have been.  Will we see that team make an appearance this week?  In some ways I hope so because it would be a vindication of sorts; of the hopes and dreams that were crushed this season.  In some ways not, to dispel the illusion that this team would ever seriously contend and grant the naysayers their satisfaction (painfully earned because I'm sure they would have preferred to have been wrong).  So we sift thru the detritus of this season in hopes of finding a few precious nuggets of hope and possibility for next season.

Also, my apologies for not going into greater lengths and depths on this series.  Our lads are not a very inspired bunch right now and even though we may get to see some fresh new faces, the returns of fan favorites from the DL, there really (again, my own humble opinion) isn't a lot to be excited for.  Except, its still baseball and we still want our team to perform, look professional and even win... just saying that as of right now, I certainly don't expect it.

Pitching matchups

Friday: (Madison Baumgarner (14-8/2.51/1.02) vs. Braden Shipley (3-3/4.94/1.44)

Welp.... this is a the kind of series that you know that the Giants should likely dominate.  They have everything to play for, playoff within their grasp, a chance for certain players to earn late season accolades, the chance to raise a banner/pennant/ugly memorial t-shirts and for everyone to buy into that "even-year" thingy.  Still, they gotta play the games

Saturday: Johnny Cueto (14-5/2.92/1.09) vs Archie Bradley (6-8/4.85/1.52)

2nd verse of the game above.  Will our lads put on their big boy pants and play like the professionals that they are paid to be or do we get to gripe about how their guys get all the calls when they show the replays on the pitch location and wonder if the damn fix is in?

Sunday: Matt Moore (2-4/4.31/1.34) vs. Zack Greinke (12-5/4.54/1.27)

We have a chance in each and every game this series, this one looks like it may be our best bet.

WAR Games

Giants - Pitchers - Jeff Samardzija - 2.0, Cueto 4.5, MadBaum - 4.7

Giants - Sticks - Posey - 3.0, Brandon Belt - 2.5, Brandon Crawford - 2.2

DBacks - Pitchers - ZG - 1.8, Robbie Ray - 1.4

DBacks - Sticks - Jean Segura - 4.2, Paul Goldschmidt - 3.8, Jake Lamb - 3.2

Taco Time

Well after the summer that we've had, perhaps we can all stand to lose a bit of weight....