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Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 10: A Sort of (Bad) Homecoming

Zack Greinke got lit up pretty badly. (It was an Unforgettable Fire to go with the title theme) The Dodgers won. So yeah

On this Labor Day 2016 in a game featuring unionized players and umpires, Zack Greinke, the starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks tonight, who previously played for the Angels, Brewers, Royals, and one other I can't quite recall, got a lot of boos when announced at Dodger Stadium tonight. Can't think of a reason why. Dodger fans are weird, with their Beach Balls and whatnot.

He matched zeroes with Kenta Maeda for three innings, but the Dodgers got on the board first with a two-run homer from Adrian Gonzalez to take a 2-0 lead. Joc Pederson added a solo shot in the next frame on Greinke's 69th pitch, which wasn't nice at all, to make it 3-0. Corey Seager is not as cool as his brother, who hasn't hurt the Diamondbacks as much, because the younger one hit a three run homer in the same inning to make it 6-0. Justin Turner hit another to make it 7-0. 8-0 with one by Grandal. Yeesh. Greinke was mercifully pulled after that, after just 4 and 2/3 innings.

Nothing of note happened until the Top of the 7th when the Diamondbacks finally got on the board (and stopped a streak of 700 straight hitters retired by Maeda) on a Jake Lamb single. Got a second run on a Chris Owings double in the 8th, so really taking out the 5th inning the game was tied.

Of course, it doesn't work like that, and the Diamondbacks lost hard on Greinke's worst performance of the season/his career? I'm sure y'all have takes about that in the comments that I will not read. Best to just banish this game to the nether zone (along with those friggin inaccurate strike zone twitter accounts, but one thing at a time)

Also the Dodgers scored more runs off of Burgos in the 8th, just to be a completionist about all the scoring plays, but that doesn't really matter much.

Source: FanGraphs
Less Bad: Segura, +2.4%
Bad: Greinke,

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Oh hey, I award a rare COTD. Here it is.

The person in LA who actually gets to watch this on TV is probbly having a good time

Cards/Bears/Suns/D-Backs/Yotes/Sun Devils

Carson Palmer, he goes long

It's funny cause the Dodgers signed a terrible television deal.

Unlike them, you can watch tomorrow's game on the TV at the more normal for LA 7 PMish.