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SnakeBytes 9/3: Rocky Times in Denver

How do you turn a 5-0 lead into a close game, and then a close game into a blowout loss? The combination of Coors Field and arguably the worst bullpen ever can manage that easily.

Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

Last Night's Game

Diamondbacks Bullpen Collapses in Eighth Inning Against Rockies
Someone, perhaps Dan Szymborski, said at the start of the year in reference to other teams that if you want to tank, the best way to do it without it being obvious is to assemble a bad bullpen. The Diamondbacks have now become exhibit A.

Early Lead, Pollock's HR Not Enough in Colorado
That's the understatement of the month so far, as the lead and the home run weren't even half of enough.

Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Recall Socrates Brito to Fill Outfield Vacancy

Pitching to Contact with Zack Greinke and Denard Span

Around Baseball

The NL Cy Young and Quantity versus Quality
Not really news, but an interesting question raised here: how much time can a pitcher miss and still be regarded as eligible for the Cy Young?

The Go-Go Brewers Are Stealing Bases Like It's 1987

Looking Ahead

Braden Shipley gets to pitch in Coors Field tonight. Something will likely happen. Watch if you want. It should be over before Arizona State starts their game tonight, and Arizona's game should still be close. Counterpoint: Coors Field, so both the Sun Devils and Wildcats might have finished their games by the time the fifth inning is over.