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Diamondbacks 2, Nationals 4

Tonight the Diamondbacks wasted a great debut from Matt Koch. He went five no hit, no walk innings, only allowing one baserunner thanks to an early HBP to Jayson Werth. He ended up falling apart in the sixth, allowing a hit and a walk, before being pulled with a developing blister. Probably the right call, but...

Randell Delgado completely let the wheels fall off. He ended up not only letting the Nationals score, but put up a four spot on the board. Two of the runs ended up being charged to Koch, meaning that he went from 5+ innings of no hit work, to being pulled in the sixth and only getting a no decision.

The offense didn't do much against Max Scherzer and the rest of the Nats bullpen either, which is to be expected. They did score two, however, thanks impart to a home run from Jean Segura on the first pitch of the game, his 20th of the season. Other than that and an RBI double from Castillo, that was pretty much all they manged for the game. Full recap to follow.