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Dbacks 2, Nationals 4: Welcome to the Big Leagues, Kid

So it turns out that the game started at 4:10 not 5:10. Whoops.

Hello Darkness, my old friend...
Hello Darkness, my old friend...
Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

By the time I tuned in, the Diamondbacks had already stuck Max "DeadHorse.gif" Scherzer for two runs, so I had to figure out how they got here. Jean Segura wasted no time getting the team on the board. He took the first pitch Scherzer gave him deep for his eighth lead off home run of the season. He also became the 104th player to hit 20+ this season. That breaks a record set back in 1999. Interesting that an offensive record broke in the Steroids Era gets broken now, when pitching is generally acknowledged to be on the upswing. Would be curious to know any theories as to why that is.

The Dbacks added another in the third. Jake Lamb lead off with a home run, which the GDT tells me was almost a home run. Two batters later, Castillo brought him home with another double. 2-0 Diamondbacks.

Meanwhile Matt Koch was having his MLB debut, and having one of the better ones I can remember. By the time I showed up, he had already sat down six of the first seven he had faced, the only one reaching being Jayson Werth after being hit by a pitch.

He kept that up for a while, taking a no hitter through the fifth inning, getting three strike outs and no walks in the process. Scherzer wasn't doing too badly either. After Castillo's double, he ended up sitting down 11 out of the next 13 he faced to finish his outing. Can't be too upset with the fact that the Dbacks only managed two off of him. However, given the events of the bottom of the sixth, you have to wish for Matt Koch that they would have.

Koch went into the bottom of the sixth with a no hitter. Unfortunately, that's where it ended. He gave up a hit to the first batter of the inning, Jose Labotaton, and then issued a walk to the next. Between that and the fact that he was developing a blister on his hand, Hale decided to bring in Delgado instead. That proved to be a costly mistake. He walked his first batter, Trey Turner, and then one out later, gave up an RBI sac fly to Stephen Drew and then a three run home run to Anthony Rendon. 4-2 Nationals.

The rest of the Diamondback bullpen did their job, and kept the score there the rest of the night. The problem is, so did the Nationals bullpen. It's almost like there is a reason the Nationals are going to the postseason and we aren't.

Source: FanGraphs

Opening Day: Matt Koch 12.5%

The Last Game of a Long Season: Randall Delgado, -42.8%

329 comments in the GDT tonight, which is busier than it looks, since DC and I combined for almost half of them, especially since he left early and I got there an hour late. He easily led the way with 102 and I followed with 55. All present were:

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COTN goes to Asteroid, for her suggestion for the hot dog race.

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by asteroid on Sep 27, 2016 | 5:49 PM up reply rec (1) actions

Well, tonight is my last recap, and probably game, of the season. Thanks Delgado for screwing it up. Thanks Jim, for letting me do this for three or four seasons now. As always, it's been a blast, and I look forward to coming back, with the eternal hope that always accompanies a new baseball season. I'll see ya all there!