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SnakeBytes 9/24: For the Birds

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Why couldn't this Trumbo have shown up all day?
Why couldn't this Trumbo have shown up all day?
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

D-backs Come Up Short in 12 Innings vs. Orioles
The bullpen imploded again? This is my surprised face.

Miller Channels Ace Form Before Bullpen Falters
This was the surprise. Admittedly, Miller appeared to simply be throwing fastball after fastball, but after some struggles early, he commanded the pitch well.

Shelby Miller Has Best Outing of Season, But D-backs Fall to Orioles

Yasmany Tomas the Latest to Rob Chris Davis of a Home Run
There was some discussion in the GDT, but after further review (of the GIF in the article) it definitely would have been a home run. So kudos to Tomas for saving a run.

Diamondbacks News

Zack Greinke Ailing as Shelby Miller Shines for Diamondbacks
The news broke during the game yesterday that Greinke was back in Phoenix for an MRI on his shoulder. Apparently, he has already had the MRI, and there is no structural damage. Still, he will miss some time, and the durable player that never misses a start from the last few years is clearly not that any more, having missed many starts in a lost season.

Mark Trumbo Producing the Way Diamondbacks Had Hoped
I know this is the player I thought the Diamondbacks were getting in 2013. And we saw the good and the bad. His bad play early led to a run, and then he earned that run back in walk-off fashion.

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