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Dbacks 2, Padres 5

The game "started" with an hour and ten minute rain delay. Once it actually got going, the Dbacks didn't. Other than one inning, they went quietly into the night against Peter Clemens. Goldy got a two run home run to put the Diamondbacks on the board, but that was it for the game.

The pitching wasn't a whole lot better, though their struggles can be summed up with one sentence: Quit walking Ryan Schimpf. The Padres scored in three innings, and all three times they got it started off with Schimpf either walking or getting hit by a pitch. The final blow came in the bottom of the sixth. Schimpf walked, and then Adam Rosales homered to give the Padres their final lead.

Dominic Leon came in for the eighth inning, and he put the game even further out of reach, as he is wont to do. Full recap to follow shortly.