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Nowhere to go but up?

It feels like this incarnation of the Diamondbacks is crawling from the chasm, but saying such things seems foolish and would tempt fate if the writer wasn't a firm believer in uncaring entropy.

Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

A.J. Pollock is back from the Disabled List. Zack Greinke is still pitching well*, Shelby Miller came up from his exile in Reno and had a start that didn't look like the pitching equivalent of a comment section on a news article. Yasmany Tomas has started to hit dingers at an impressive rate. Robbie Ray is solidifying his place in the rotation for years to come and hopefully will become a thing we laugh at Tigers fans for a *lot* (lolz, Shane Greene)

*Away from Chase anyway, splits are still kinda yikes.

Hell, as of writing, the Diamondbacks aren't in last place anymore, thanks to the Braves sweep of the Padres. It seems like, in a short-term vacuum, things are looking up for our differently-patterned uniformed friends. Of course, not everything is perfect. The bullpen, for example, needs one of those bright yellow flashing UNDER CONSTRUCTION gifs from the internet circa 1995, to put it kindly. Also TLR/Dave Stewart still might retain their jobs.

However, this seems like more of the platonic ideal of the 2016 Diamondbacks we were hoping for. Maybe they wouldn't have been contenders, but it does feel like the team wasn't playing up to its potential, as low as that might have been. It seems like we've pulled ourselves out of the darkest timline.


There's only one power that affects Baseball games other than the people participating in that, and we're only allowed to unleash it on August 11th because Jim hates cool things. But if you truly believe that somehow I have mystical powers with my writing to affect how a Baseball team plays in the future, I would really use this power in a better way ya know?

September will be interesting to watch. The Diamondbacks having had a winning month since... Well, I got bored checking back after awhile, but I think it was some point last season. A winning month in September would instill a little confidence in this team going forward and maybe in the offseason the front office will-

Oh, yeah, right. Briefly forgot about that.

Our sights will turn to the winter sports soon, once the World Series ends. Phoenix area fans will be delighted by a Cardinals team that should be pretty good, coached by a guy who wears a hat that conveys strong opinions about vaping. The Diamondbacks will spend this time home, preparing for 2017. How this month and the next few go will help color our perceptions of what this team should be next year. Of course, our perceptions of how this season was supposed to go was a lot different than it actually happened. It stands to reason that our perceptions are always dumb and bad from that, but don't stop yourself from having them!

Or do. I dunno. I'm not your dad.