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Snakebytes 9/19: News And Xipooo Commentary

If you’re looking for news and information on the Diamondbacks, you’ve come to an interesting place.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Drury's hit gives Diamondbacks win over Dodgers in 12 - Is there such a thing as a good bad win?

San Diego Padres vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - 9/19/16 MLB Pick, Odds, and Prediction - I wonder how that female pitcher is going to do. I hear she throws a screwball, though based on the motion I observed and her grip, I don’t see it.

Diamondbacks cut ties with De Jon Watson; Tony La Russa says he may be next - Kind of unusual for him to comment on his own standing with the organization. But it looks like many people are going to get their wish with TLR. Personally, I’m not so sure he’s going anywhere, but I’m pretty sure Dave Stewart is.

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Arizona Diamondbacks – a tale of two pitchers - I was watching Miller on Saturday from the stands, and at least from my angle, he looks to still have the same general mechanical issue. He’s dropping his lead shoulder and leaning left in his delivery. The only “fix” that seems to have appeared is his finish is now wrapping his arm around his body instead of out and forward. It’s a band-aid, and a bad one at that. He can’t finish his pitches naturally and his main mechanical issue still persists. My confidence in this coaching staff, even down in the minors, has dwindled to a nub.

Other Baseball News

Ben Zobrist lived every 'Sandlot' fan's dream and biked to Wrigley in his uniform

Statcast of the Day: Trout's slide dazes Jays

Tim Tebow's professional baseball journey begins today - I for one am actually rooting for him. I don’t think we’ll ever see him make it to the bigs, but I like seeing people follow their passion.

Padres honor Yangervis Solarte's late wife during loss to Rockies