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Snake Bytes 9/15: How Sweep It Is!

It only took a bit more than five months, but the Diamondbacks pounded their way to their first home series sweep of the season, supported by Jean Segura going deep twice for the second consecutive night.

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Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 11

Although the Diamondbacks’ season may be over, for the third game in a row (at home no less), the offense has come alive as though there was still something left to prove. Jean Segura had his second consecutive two-homer game, also tallying five hits. Owings and Drury joined in on the homer fun as well. From the mound, Braden Shipley had another night of looking both good and bad, but did enough in relief of De La Rosa and Delgado to secure the victory.

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De La Rosa “Uncomfortable” After Start

This is my shocked face. Raise your hand if you didn’t see this one coming. Rubby De La Rosa didn’t reach his pitch limit on Wednesday, or even as many pitches as his last outing before being pulled for the night, and quite possibly the season. Said De La Rosa about his lack of progression in recovery, “Everything I do that’s supposed to (work) is not working.”

Scooby Helps Throw Bizarre First Pitch

While I’m not entirley sure how or why this was a thing, it still has nothing on the Koreans.

Fastball Work Key to Ray’s Success

Learning to control the glave-side delivery of his 97 mph heat has helped Ray refine his ability as a pitcher, resulting in his 200K season.

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Watching ‘Pitch’ at Dodger Stadium

Those that attended “Take Your Daughter to a Game Day” on September 4 had the opportunity to get an advance viewing of the new show on the stadiums diamond vision screen.

Beware the Power Surge Imposters

With home run numbers up acorss the game, August Fagerstrom over at Fangraphs compiled a list of those experiencing an increase in power numbers that might just be a bit deceptive.