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Diamondbacks 12, Rockies, 9: Yas, Money

Shelby Miller did the usual, but a Yasmany Tomas grand slam saved his bacon and the Diamondbacks beat the Rockies by the usual low-scoring football game score.

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

In the bottom of the 2nd inning. Kyle Jensen singled off of Rockies starter Tyler Anderson. home Yasmany Tomas, who, apparently (unconfirmed), ran through a late stop sign from Matt Williams, but to be fair doing the opposite of what he suggests is usually a good call (Plus the throw in was offline) and it was 1-0 Diamondbacks.

Tomas himself got a single that scored a run in the 3rd, because the universe is cyclical or something. Jake Lamb then had a double that batted in a run (BIAR they call that old stat.) Kyle Jensen then drove in two with another single. That ended the scoring for the inning, but if you were counting that brought the score to 5-0.

Shelby Miller retired the first 9 he faced, which was probably 8 more than expected. Charlie Blackmon broke that up with a single to start off the 4th. He got a Fielder's Choice, then gave up two singles before allowing a double juuuuust below the yellow line on that overhang in Center that scored a run to make it 5-1. With the bases loaded, Brandon Drury missed on a ground ball and the result was two scored runs for Colorado (was ruled a hit, for what it's worth) Miller struck out the next batter faced, but the Rockies had cut the deficit to 5-3.

Miller lead off the next half inning and hit a long double to center that almost went out. Jean Segura then pulled up to bunt very late on a pitch and hit to third. Tyler Anderson is a graduate of the Matt Garza School of Throwing to First Base on a Bunt Good, so that ended up with Segura on second and Miller scoring thanks to a throwing error to make it 6-3.

Carlos Gonzalez hit a two-run double in the next frame to make it 6-5, because Shelby Miller. Raimel Tapia hit a single the next at bat to tie the game up.


Here's a good chart of Miller's performance today

Edwin Escobar came on the for the 6th in a tied game very briefly cause Daniel Descalso hit a solo shot and the Rockies took the lead.


Diaz was replaced by Randall Delgado who blah blah walk wild pitch single it's 9-6 who cares.

Bottom of the 6th the Diamondbacks loaded the bases with two outs and Yasmany Tomas.. CLEARED THE EVERLOVING HELL OUT OF THEM WITH A GRAND SLAM. The first of his career.

In the 7th, Mitch Haniger got his fire ever career dinger with a deep to center solo shot off of Jake McGee (A dinger is just another word for... nothing left to pitch) to make it 11-9. Two batters later Brandon Drury also dinged one out for a 12th run.

Surprisingly, the bullpen did not cough it up after this, and the Diamondbacks snapped a six game skid. Hooray for things.

Source: FanGraphs

Good!: Tomas, +71.3%
Very Very Bad: Miller, -24.9%

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Tomorrow this happens again, because why not.