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SnakeBytes 9/11: In Remembrance

Fifteen years ago today, the world changed.

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The Scene Before Game 3 of the World Series in 2001
The Scene Before Game 3 of the World Series in 2001

It's nearly impossible to believe fifteen years have past. Want to feel old? Kids starting college this year can't remember 9/11. More frighteningly, a substantial number of voters in the election this year have no memories of the way things were before 9/11.

Baseball and 9/11

How Major League Baseball Responded to 9/11
Rob Neyer wrote this five years ago, and much of it still holds true. American (and other coalition members) troops are still in the Middle East; God Bless America is still ubiquitous at the ballpark (at least on Sundays.) What has changed is the number of people that can remember it, even among those playing sports. When five more years have passed, there will almost certainly be a player on a roster who was born that year. For reference, Julio Urias had just turned five the month before.

How Baseball Helped Return a Sense of Normalcy to Post-9/11 America

Flashback: Mets, Braves Display Amazin' Spirit in First Game After 9/11

What I'll Never Forget About Baseball's Return to New York After 9/11
Ken Rosenthal reflects.

Baseball as Therapy
Reflecting on the World Series.

SI's Tom Verducci Writes on the Diamondbacks' Game 7 Win
Included here because Verducci points out the time (in Arizona) when the ninth-inning rally started: 9:11.

A Look Back at September 11 and its Impact on MLB

September 11th and the Power of Sports

Last Night's Game

There was a game last night, too. Thankfully, it won't be remembered in fifteen years.

Cueto Tosses Gem as Diamondbacks Drop Fifth Game in a Row

Pence, Cueto Lead Giants Over Diamondbacks 11-3

Archie Bradley Has 'One of Those Outings' vs. Giants

Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Like Their Rotation, Anticipate No Tweaks
I'm not sure what's to like. The rotation is bad from a fiscal perspective (because you could get the same performance at probably 10% of the cost) and bad from a baseball perspective. Sure, it looked fine on paper entering the year. But does the anti-analytics crowd in the FO really want the game played on paper? However many Reddit AMAs Derrick Hall might do, I think the disconnected between the club and the fans has never been higher, and that's a problem.

Groin Injury Puts A.J. Pollock's Season at Risk
If he has to keep getting hurt, I guess better to pile them all into a lost season. Still, it's just one more thing, sidelining a fan favorite in a tough season.

Pollock Hopes to Return from Groin Injury
He's come back once already, quicker than expected. He may get a few at bats later on.

No story on this one, but the Diamondbacks, at their current pace, are going to be about 7000 shy of 2 million in attendance on the season. They've never had fewer than 2 million show up over a season. With four of the eleven games left against the Dodgers, there's a decent chance, but the three against the Padres could offset that. Watch for some gimmick the final weekend to try to get people out to the ballpark. I only hope it's a public firing of the entire front office, and a public auction of the team.

Around Baseball

Don't Forget Sam Lynn
Contraction in the California League removes two teams. This article deals with Bakersfield, but the former Diamondback affiliate High Desert Mavericks are also no more.