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SnakeBytes 9/10: More Bulllllllllllllllllllllpen Woes

Our bullpen now has 21 losses on the season. Surprised it isn't more? Me too. More surprisingly, the joint team leaders are no longer with the team, as Ziegler and Clippard both had three losses to lead the bullpen. Maybe that's La Russa and Stewart's "old-school" idea of how to make the bullpen better!

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Last Night's Game

De La Rosa Returns as Diamondbacks Lose Marathon to Giants
I prefer to read that headline in Greek/Persian terms. There's no shame in losing Marathon when opposed by giants, I guess.

D-backs Rally in Tenth But Fall in Twelfth

Diamondbacks News

A.J. Pollock Exits Game with Groin Injury
Make it stop!

Pollock, Herrmann Exit Game With Injury
Oh, and Chris Herrmann is done for the year.

Around Baseball

So You Want a Cinderella Story?
Ok, I'd pull for the Mariners and maybe the Astros or Royals. The Pirates are impossible to like and the Yankees? If I wanted to root for a group of rich, entitled brats I'd root for US Men's Swimming.

Kershaw Lasts Three Innings in Return

Looking Ahead

Giants at D-backs
Archie Bradley goes for his third straight win; Johnny Cueto gets the ball for the Giants. Game is at 5:10 Arizona time.

MLB Reverse Standings
The D-backs are solidly in top-five pick zone, but there's probably no catching the Twins. Just as well. I'm not sure the fanbase could handle another top pick being dealt, but the majority will probably survive a #5 pick being traded.