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Dbacks 5, Mets 3

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Magic of PonyDome continued for another year! Also, it was Grienke's first start back. Having our ace back might have helped with the Magic, but I'm going to go with ponies. Grienke went six innings, with five hits, one walk, and six strikeouts. Not the most dominate he has ever been, but as a first start back from a fairly lengthy DL stint, it was more than welcome.

When he was pulled from the game in favor of pinch hitter Gosselin, he was in line from the loss. However, in that inning, the Dbacks took advantage of a rare bad outing from the Mets' bullpen, took the lead thanks to a three run inning, and put Grienke in position for the win. The bullpen finished it off with three solid innings. It is Zach's tenth straight start without a loss (eight wins, two no decisions) and I am a fan of that. Full recap to follow soon