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SnakeBytes 8/7: Preseason Football Begins!

The list of things more watchable than Diamondbacks baseball grows by one this evening, as, for perhaps the first time ever, pointless football games contested between players with almost no shot at making an NFL roster will actually be more watchable than regular season baseball.

Braden Shipley is looking to become the bright spot in a very dark season
Braden Shipley is looking to become the bright spot in a very dark season
Norm Hall/Getty Images

In fairness, preseason football is still two spots on the list below watching paint dry and thirteen spots below the ten hour version of Nick Offerman's Yule Log video.

Last Night's Game

D-backs Late Surge Not Enough to Counter Braun
Also, Keon Broxton got five hits. Yes, the Keon Broxton who was apparently not good enough to have a future with this team. Strangely, after leaving the Diamondbacks, he learned how to draw walks, something this organization thinks is pointless, apparently, as he is far from the only outfielder to have a big increase in walk rate after leaving (see: Inciarte, Ender as another example.)

Corbin Continues Search to Regain Form

Diamondbacks News

Yasmany Tomas: From Fearless to Feared

David Peralta to Have Wrist Examined

Pleskoff Scouting Report: Braden Shipley

Around Baseball

A Brief History of Juiced Ball Conspiracies

New York Yankees Announce Sunday News Conference With Alex Rodriguez
Any doubt that they want to release him before he's due a balance for hitting #700? The question is, will any team want the attendance boost/circus sideshow of him hitting milestone home runs, and therefore bring him in? His suspension in 2014 practically ensured he wouldn't break Bonds' record (a strange case of MLB protecting the "integrity" of the record set by the first cheater to break the record.)

Reverse Standings Update

The Braves did us a favor by beating the Cardinals last night, and now four games separate the Diamondbacks and Braves, with four games still to play between them. The Diamondbacks have the worst record of any team over the past 30 games, at 8-22.