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Arizona Diamondbacks: August Confidence Poll

The following contains abject gloom, deep depression and is recommended for mature adults.

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Here are the results from last month’s poll:

  • 58% - 1 (not confident in the slightest)
  • 18% - 2
  • 17% - 3
  • 3% - 4
  • 1% - 5
  • 2% - 6
  • 0% - 7
  • 0% - 8
  • 1% - 9 (very, very, VERY confident)

Ouch. That’s now a clear majority (particularly in American presidential election terms) of voters who gave the D-backs the lowest possible mark. Indeed, that’s the highest percentage awarded to any score in the history of this poll, shattering the record set by "7" in the March poll, when it received 42.6% of votes. There’s nobody left there now: indeed, the upper levels of the ballot are as deserted as a Mike Butcher Appreciation Rally. Just 6.4% were still hopeful enough to score their confidence in the team as higher than a "3".

As the chart above shows, that brings the overall average score down to 1.79. Good news! That’s the smallest drop since Opening Day! On the other hand, there is a finite floor to how low confidence can sink, and we seem to be approaching that limit. On the other hand, the team has now gone 7-20 since the last poll, so I’m curious to see how bad things get, before they get better. I suspect the latter is going to take some signs of significant change from the team, and since yesterday’s off-day didn’t bring any indications that’s about to happen, I suspect it’s not going to happen any time in the near future.

Here’s the chart, breaking down the votes by month: