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Snake Bytes 8/31: Getting It Done

A solid outing by Zack Greinke facing off against Johnny Cueto, key RBIs by Welington Castillo, A.J. Pollock creating havoc on the bases, and the bullpen doing its job - this is how things were drawn up back in March.

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Meet the future of winning baseball in the desert.

Diamondbacks 4, Giants 3

A solid outing by Zack Greinke was backed up by a pair of RBIs from Welington Castillo and another good game by the recovering A.J. Pollock lifted the Diamondbacks over Johnny Cueto and the San Francisco Giants.

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Corbin Improving in Bullpen

Having been demoted to the bullpen, Patrick Corbin had been showing the team signs of what they want to see out of him in order to get him back in the rotation, something that could happen again before the year is out.

Bickley: Someone Needs to Pay

With the team entering the season with playoff expectations, finishing dead last in the NL West and in the bottom five of all MLB teams has created a situation where someone has got to go, even if it is just to salvage credibility with a fan base that is abandoning this team.

Time for a Check-up

Inside the ‘Zona looks at where the team has failed to measure up against the rest of the league and what the team might expect moving forward.