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AZ 4, SFG 3: Grienke is still an ace, the offense does enough

A battle of two of the best pitchers in the NL tonight, and, for once, it worked out okay for the Diamondbacks

Cincinnati Reds v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Zack Grienke wasn’t his most efficient tonight, but he got the job done for the most part. He allowed in a couple walks in the first couple innings, but he stranded all three of the runners he allowed in innings one and two. In the third, he wasn’t quite so lucky. Denard Span lead things off and reached on a Segura error. Pagan singled him to second, and then Span made it to third on a Posey sac fly, putting runners on first and third, with one out. Crawford brought the run home with another sac fly, putting the Giants on the board first. Belt popped up to end the inning, but 1-0 Giants.

It stayed that way until the top of the fifth. El Tanque lead off the inning with a walk, and was then brought home right away thanks to a Chris Owings triple. Grienke then walked, to put runners on the corners with no outs. Segura hit an RBI single for the second run of the inning. Bourn bunted into a force out, Grienke out at third, for the first out. Pollock walked to load the bases, but Goldy struck out for the second out. It was okay, though, because Beef backed him up with a two RBI single, to make the score 4-1 Diamondbacks.

Grienke made it through the sixth, though he did give up another run before escaping his final inning. Delgado took over in the seventh, and struggled. He got a strike out for the first out, but the gave up a double to Pagan and walked Posey. Hale had the quick hook and brought in Edwin Escobar. He threw three pitches, got a double play, and ended the inning and the threat.

Source: FanGraphs
Spinato's Pizza: Chris Owings, 21.7% Edwin Escobar 21.5%
Little Caesar's: Paul Goldschmidt -12.3% Michael Bourn -10.7%

Light GDT tonight. Sadly to be expected considering the point we’re at in the season. Of the foolhardy souls who showed up, we managed 166 comments. No one broke even twenty comments on the night. All present were:

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No red comments means no comment of the night. Day game tomorrow, at 12:45 Arizona time.