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Dbacks 4, Nationals 10

Another day, another game where the Dbacks gave up double digit runs. Ray was good for about four innings, and then things went pear shaped. He left with the Dbacks down 6-2. Delgado took over for him and gave up another run. Hudson is still very much broken, giving up three runs of his own in one inning. The only pitcher to not give up a run tonight was Adam Loewen, who I honestly didn't even know existed until tonight.

The offense wasn't a whole lot better. They had their chances and, pretty much like always, they wasted them. They loaded the bases in the first and only got one, loaded them again in the eighth, and didn't get any. Two of their runs came off solo homers, which are nice, but aren't going to win you many ball games. The last one came in the bottom of the ninth, but was completely irrelevant

All in all, a sucky game that was another brutal reminder that this team just plain isn't any good. I'm tempted just to stick a Fangraphs here and call it a full recap, but don't worry, a full recap with all the gory details will be forthcoming.