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SnakePitFest 2016 (presented by asteroid): Fri, Sept 30 vs. Padres

It is on.

Bumping this up to the top of the site, seeing as there's now a week left. Still have some tickets available, so if you'd like to join us for game 160, sign up below!

As in previous years, the asteroids have kindly donated their unused season tickets and these have been converted into a block of  very nice seats in Section 119 for a late-season game. This time, it's the Friday night contest against the Padres on September 30th, with a first pitch of 6:40pm. As usual, we'll be meeting before the game at the Rose & Crown on 7th St to hand out tickets, eat dinner and perhaps (just, perhaps) enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

These tickets are free - the only requirement from asteroid is "Do something nice for someone else." I would probably add, "Cheer enthusiastically for the Diamondbacks" and "Don't do the wave" to that. If you want to go, please fill out the form below, and we'll put you on the list. You'll generally be expected to show up at the Rose & Crown and collect your tickets, though occasionally other arrangements can be made. It is first-come, first served so the sooner you sign up the better: but if the form is still present below, that means we should still have room for everyone!

Look forward to seeing old friends and new, and bidding farewell to the 2016 season. Can't come soon enough, in more ways than one!